Collapse of the heroic, rise of an alternative

Janaia Donaldson, Peak Moment

Call it surrender, service, group mind, collective intelligence, cooperation. They all point us in another direction, these qualities of rough Shared-Being shuffling towards Bethlehem to be born.

archived May 9, 2010

Food and agriculture - May 7

Staff, Energy Bulletin

-Organic farms 'produce less than HALF as much food as conventional ones'
-Study shows low carbon credentials of local food
-Can U.S. farms produce food without relying heavily on fossil fuels?
-Farmers Cope With Roundup-Resistant Weeds
-Fears That a Lush Land May Lose a Foul Fertilizer
-Domestic blitz
-Pollan and Hurst Debate the Future of Agriculture

archived May 7, 2010

Dissecting those ‘overpopulation’ numbers: part one – population where?

Ian Angus, Climate and Capitalism

Is global warming caused by too many people? This begins a series of articles in which Climate & Capitalism editor Ian Angus shows that population numbers can conceal far more than they reveal.

archived April 30, 2010

At home with the numbers game.. or John Michael Greer is singing my song!

Sharon Astyk, Casaubon's Book

As you know, Greer and I at times have our differences in perspective, but I think this week's column is particularly acute, and offers up two point that I think are really essential to grasp when thinking of the future.

archived April 15, 2010

The imperative of reforming U.S. foreign aid to empower women

Brent Blackwelder, The Daly News

Perverse incentives provided by tax codes and government subsidies are an ongoing theme of my articles in The Daly News. These perverse incentives pervade all sectors of the economy and undermine the hope for a prosperous and healthy civilization that lives in harmony with the earth. A paradigm shift away from the present destructive global economic model must entail the elimination of taxes and subsidies that reward pollution and injustice.

archived April 12, 2010

Asia-Pacific: food security, urban migration and women

Rahul Goswami, Energy Bulletin

This set of news reports from around the Asia-Pacific region discuss some persistent matters: the need for food security systems which also protect smallholder farming communities, stemming the tide of migration to towns and cities, recognising and encouraging womens' participation in business and local administration, reforming land rights so that the marginalised (and particularly women) can use their ownership to advantage.

archived April 11, 2010

Out of Africa - Apr 6

Staff, Energy Bulletin

-Is Africa underpopulated?
-Zambia's farming revolution poster boy
-Africa's banking laws shut out the poor: Yunus

archived April 6, 2010

"Possum Living" author steps out of the shadows

Staff, Energy Bulletin

In the late ‘70s, at the age of 18, and with a seventh-grade education, Dolly Freed wrote Possum Living about the five years she and her father lived off the land on a half-acre lot outside of Philadelphia. Known for its plucky narration and no-nonsense practical advice on how to live frugally while keeping up a middle class facade, at the time of its original publication, Possum Living became an instant classic. Following her success as an author, Dolly Freed grew up to become a NASA aerospace engineer. She aced the SATs with an education she received from the public library and put herself through college.

archived April 4, 2010

Courtship, Cooperation & Negotiation: What Darwin Got Wrong about Human Emotions

Kathy McMahon, Peak Oil Blues

Many social critics in the Peak Oil community are fond of saying “Men do what they do driven by the desire to please women.” But what if that notion is just plain wrong? Is there power in the narrative that redirects our energies away from helpful pursuits believing that such strivings are “against the laws of nature?”

archived March 31, 2010

Unschooling & Unworking: Confessions of a stay-at-home family (Part 4)

Myra Eddy, these new old traditions

Revelations means to reveal, and apocalypse means to uncover. I recently put together a collection of folktales, subtitled, “Paradise Apocalypse,” meaning “Paradise Uncovered,” because I believe we have the power to remember the garden that grows beneath our feet.

archived March 29, 2010

Women - Mar 15

Staff, Energy Bulletin

-Malaysia begins caning women for adultery
-Fred Pearce: overpopulation worries are a potentially racist distraction
-1325 implementation - Where is Secretary-General's leadership?

archived March 15, 2010